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Steel offers consistently high-quality standards, precision products and guaranteed strength and durability in the most challenging environments. Steel is produced to the most exacting specifications under highly controlled conditions, eliminating the risks of on-site variability, which is an inherent disadvantage with other building materials.

Steel is dimensionally stable and can be manufactured to very tight tolerances, making it easier for engineers to use in building design, unlike softwood products which are susceptible to shrinkage due to varying moisture content and structural design properties that have recently been downgraded by up to 30% due to changes in wood resource mix.

Steel design benefits include longer spans, larger bays and wider frame spacing than wood or concrete construction. This allows for maximized usable floor space and large interior spaces that can be constantly adapted to cope with changing requirements of occupants.

Stages of steel structures installation

A specialist will visit the construction site to familiarise himself with the site. Access routes for trucks and special equipment are assessed

On the basis of the received data, you choose the necessary trucks for mounting and transportation of materials to the construction site. If there is no foundation, its project is developed.

  • Laying of foundations according to the designed project.

Aisles and platforms for working at height are arranged at the site. Measures are taken to ensure the safety of assembly work.



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