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When it comes to aluminum windows, the design is important. There are different types of manufactured windows that each have specific features. Nevertheless, they’re still a great addition to any kind of residential or building space because of their versatility.

The aluminum material is aesthetically-appealing. Its metal finish can give off any space with a premium appearance that you won’t find when you use wood, plastic, or other components. More than that, aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and durable. They provide you with the best value for money when it comes to strong and easy-to-install window types that won’t break the bank.

Looking for different aluminum window designs? AMC Aluminum’s classic and innovative profile windows can surely transform any structure. From single-door, multi-locked, to unique awnings, these windows are just what you need. Check them out.

aluminum window designs

The single-door sliding window is a perfect choice because of its convenience. It makes it easier for you to open and close your windows without the danger of having loose objects, or damaged components that you’ll find with other materials.

Large-sized windows are more economical compared to their small counterparts. This is because they can be installed in one go without extensive use of other installation materials that can be expensive. Another reason is that large sliding windows can provide a great source of natural lighting and ventilation for any interior — you’ll definitely be able to save up on electrical utility costs with one of these windows.

  • Most aluminum windows in the market are equipped with only single locks. They may be more cost-effective, but they aren’t necessarily the most stable and secure design. There’s still a chance that single-lock windows won’t be effective at keeping liquid or debris from heavy wind drafts from the inside of a structure.

Unlike in steel windows that usually come in casement window types, awning-style aluminum window openings are far less prone to corrosion, even in different kinds of weather. These weather-tight windows from AMC Aluminum’s 38 Series provide better protection over casement windows.



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